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Kt Power, inc.

De-energizing high-voltage transmission lines for maintenance and repair can involve astronomical expense.

Yet, working on energized systems involves obvious risks that require highly specialized live-line techniques to overcome.

This is our specialty.

Due to the reliance upon ready power resources, and the fact that very few new power plants are being built to produce more power, the lines and switchyards now in service are much harder to take out of service to have work done on them.

We work on all sizes of power lines, from 34 kv distribution circuits to 765 kv transmission systems. Our field supervisors each have over 30 years experience in the electric power industry, and our linemen are all highly trained professionals. We maintain safety as our greatest priority at all times, and we comply with pertinent OSHA requirements.
With our specialized abilities, the job gets done timely, safely, and economically.

While we do work on de-energized systems, most of our work is performed on energized lines up to 765,000 volts. Such live line work eliminates outages that would be extremely costly and highly disruptive to power company operations. Our crews travel throughout North America to support power utilities and industrial power plants of all sizes.

Our services include:
  • pole and cross arm replacement
  • insulator replacement
  • line spacer replacement
  • conductor repair/replacement
  • line, tower, and pole inspection
  • ground rod testing
  • hardware tightening
  • repair/replacement of high voltage terminations
  • high voltage splices
  • replacement of high voltage power fuses
  • replacement of defective line or station switches
  • repair and replacment of damaged poles
  • relocation of in-service subtransmission or transmission lines
  • assemble and repair tower structures
  • dealing with corrosion problems
  • high-voltage electrical apparatus maintenance
  • Plant/Substation and Transmission Line Equipment overhaul
  • Dry cleaning of contaminants, corrosive salts and industrial pollutants from insulators
  • Application of non-conductive silicone compound coatings to prolong insulator life
  • Work on both 500KV and 765KV energized maintenance and construction projects

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