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KT Power, Inc. specializes in live line / energized maintenance and construction of high voltage transmission lines and switchyards on 69kv to 765kv power grids throughout the Eastern United States mainly in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New York State. This work is accomplished using hot stick / barehand methods and the latest safety techniques.

Some of our electric utility clients include New York Power Authority, National Grid USA Service Company, and PPL Electric Utility Corporation (PPL) to name a few.

KT Power, Inc. was founded by William (Bill) Tiernan of Waddington, New York in April 1998. Tiernan worked as a lineman for over 15 years for the New York Power Authority before going into business and is well versed in safe work practices. It was started after a 10 year not-to-compete clause expired whereas the Owner, Mr. William Tiernan, had sold his previous powerline company, Northeastern Live Line Maintenance, Inc.

KT Power, Inc. is a family business run by Bill Tiernan and his wife Marcia from their home base in Waddington, New York. Sons, Jeffrey, James and Marshall work for the company as operators, linemen or supervisors. Bill is usually in the field working as the project manager while Dick Rieker, a native of Oklahoma, handles field operations. Rieker has over 40 years of experience on high voltage maintenance and construction of all types of transmission lines.

KT Power uses the “barehand” technique or hot stick technique to work on live energized lines. In the “barehand” technique our linemen wear conductive suits, gloves and socks, along with specialized boots to ensure the safety of the workers. KT Power, Inc. linemen wear special suits, socks and gloves interwoven with microscopic stainless steel fibers to insure protection.

Safety is of utmost concern with KT Power, Inc.. We strive to provide our employees with the best on-the-job / hands-on training to ensure the safety of everyone involved in any project we perform.

KT Power Inc. started out with one crew and one bucket truck and some used equipment performing work initially for PPL Electric Utility in 1998. This initial work involved providing maintenance and upgrades to an array of transmission lines. PPL initially awarded KT Power a one (1) year renewable contract. KT Power continues to perform various energized tasks for PPL Electric Utility under a renewable three (3) year contract. Various contracts have also been awarded to KT Power by Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation / National Grid USA Service Company.

In 1998, KT Power, Inc. was providing sandblasting and painting equipment on a monthly rental to New York Power Authority at its Massena, New York facility. This contract expired in January 2004, after all 48 control gates had been blasted and recoated.

In the year 2000, PPL, Inc. contracted with KT Power, Inc. to remove several GIS leads under energized conditions at one of its 500KV Switchyard. While the energized work consisted of the removal and eventual replacement of the GIS leads, it saved the utility million of dollars, as the switchyard did not have to be taken out of service avoiding the need to reroute the power.

In 2001, KT Power was awarded a contract with National Grid USA Service Company for the upgrade of over 265 structures along a thirty mile stretch of a transmission line in Massachusetts. This project was completed ahead of schedule, in a safe manner, with no punch list and to the complete satisfaction of the owner and the environmental inspector / consultant, Mr. William Latrelle.

From 2006 through December 2008 KT Power, Inc. was awarded two phases for the update / replacement of 139 single circuit steel lattice towers, including foundations, on an energized 345KV line, stretching about 83 miles. The first phase of 25 structures was completed successfully in about 8 months. The second phase of 114 structures was started with the arrival, unloading and spotting of the pole components in late December 2007, and completed in December 2008, about 6 months ahead of schedule (except for ground restoration), with no injuries and to the satisfaction of the owners.

Other activities: In 1998, KT Power, Inc. also performed various commercial construction activities for the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino, Akwesasne, NY during its construction. Several months after its construction and opening, the Casino ran into water problems (wells leached brine). KT Power, Inc. became a Certified New York State Bulk Water Transported, approved by New York State Development of Health, providing bulk municipal water initially to the Casino. Other clients included Stewart's Convenience Stores, General Motors of Massena, NY, and a few others. Eventually the Casino was tapped into the expanded municipal water line and no longer required bulk water. KT Power, Inc. stopped providing bulk water and dropped its certification in 2003.

Today, KT Power, Inc. continues to improve and increase its fleet of vehicles, equipment and tools, while providing a safe work environment for all its employees. In fact, there are more than 130 pieces of licensed equipment and dozens pieces of related equipment (dozers, excavators, atv, diggers, etc.). A recent purchase included a crane truck certified to work on 765KV transmission lines. To our knowledge, this is the only piece of equipment East of the Mississippi certified to work on an energized 765KV line.

KT Power, Inc. contracts for new construction and maintenance projects, large and small.


KT Power, Inc.
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Waddington, New York 13694

Facsimile 315/388-4253

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